Discover the Best Home Furnishings for Your 2015 Living Room

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If you are thinking about a living room remodel in 2015, then you should definitely read on because we have found some amazing new ideas for you. Find out how you can make your living room stand out and make it look the best it can be!


Many people still love traditional, but do not mind implementing a little bit of modern into it. This is a trend that will continue in the coming year. You will find countless living room designs that use traditional colors, but combine it with modern home furnishings. The home furnishings for this type of design include a wall-mounted television, a modern coffee table and a traditional colored sofa. If you also have a desk in your living room, it might be worth considering incorporating a modern desk in the wall, providing you with extra space but also a beautiful modern touch.

Light Living Room with traditional touch

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Light home furnishings are still amazingly popular, especially for modern living rooms. These types of home furnishings can be a little difficult to implement, especially when you have white walls or children in the house. However, it does not mean you cannot use them. Place a few white home furnishings in your living room, without overdoing it. If you have kids, animals or white walls in your living room, it is better to choose a sofa that is somewhat darker or brightly colored. These home furnishings will definitely provide you with the needed contrast for your modern living room.

living room green

Green and olive colored home furnishings are coming back this year. Many people will find these home furnishings difficult to implement in their living room and some people will not even try it because they simply do not like green home furnishings. However, Greek blue is a color that will be extremely popular this year and olive or green home furnishings compliment this color incredibly well, so maybe it is time to throw our preconceptions about green home furnishings out of the window?

modern home furniture

Modern home furnishings are not only going light this year, because we can also find a large range of grey and black home furnishings. If you have the room and the budget, you might want to incorporate a grand black piano in your living room, since they are trendy again. They also add a bit of atmosphere to a room that can otherwise feel a bit cold.

modern yellow and wood

There are also a large amount of people who enjoy the simplicity and streamlined look of modern home furnishings. If you are one of these people, you might like the combination of wood with yellow and white home furnishings. If you don’t have the budget for a proper hardwood floor, then you don’t really have to worry because there are many cost-effective options for you to try out. Laminate with a wooden finish will look just as good and it costs a lot less! This means that you can get completely new home furnishings and don’t have to spend too much money!

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