The Home Design For 2015

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Are you curious what 2015 has in store for home design? Then do read on, because we will be revealing all the upcoming home design trends for 2015.

When we look towards 2015 home design, we first have to look at colors. Looking at the newest designs, we can certainly see some amazing colors for the year to come. Greek blue is definitely a popular color for the New Year and it offers endless possibilities for modern rooms. However, the 60’s are also coming back with colors from that era. The colors are certainly a bit darker, but can find applications with traditional as well as modern home design. Bold and warm colors are still trendy for the 2015 home design and you can even combine them with the Greek blue or the 1960’s green colors.

One remarkable comeback is made by the patterned home design. Patterned drapes, rugs and even wallpaper are totally in again. We can see a clear trend towards floral patterns as well, offering endless possibilities for nature lovers. Floral patterns do tend to make a room quite busy, so you might want to de-clutter the room you want to redecorate. The floral motif works with the same rules as the modern living room or kitchen, too much clutter will destroy your home design. Keep it simple and streamlined for the best home design!

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However, if you don’t like patterns you don’t need to despair. You can still choose some plain colored drapes, sofa’s and even chairs. However, the colors are quite bright and therefore more suited towards a modern home design. If you have a traditional home design in mind, you can still go with a bold color, as long as it provides some warmth to the room.

Fabric is also suited for the 2015 home design and leather seems to be less popular. People still love the feel of fabric for their sofa’s and therefore lean towards the more traditional furniture. But same as with colors, the furniture for the 2015 home design has quite a bold color.

Accessorizing is also important in the 2015 home design, but bold colors are also recommended. Again, if you decide to accessorize, ensure that you don’t clutter up the room, especially when you don’t have that much space. Clutter does not only create a messy looking room, it also takes away room. Even if you don’t have much room, you can always create space with a functional design.

Large rugs are also popular for the 2015 home design, but many designers lean more towards the long haired carpets than the traditional short haired carpet. This could potentially be a problem for a traditional home design. When you lean more towards traditional home design, you can use hardwood flooring instead of carpet. Placing a small rug as an accent in the room is still a possibility and will keep you up the date with the 2015 home design.

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