Modern apartments with amazing architecture

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an outstanding work, with the concept of luxury apartments and with the feel comfortable. stunning luxury apartments and is located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. apartment which has undergone many changes and indeed earlier this decoration looks shabby and messy, but the architect had transformed it into a masterpiece of home design is so amazing. This is related to other areas via Victoria Street and Oxford Street. Weir Phillips Architects is known for their individual approach while designing the space has designed this apartment reflects the personality of its owner scholar. These apartments are designed considering the wild bachelor lifestyle and strange. The living room of the attic apartments have some mind blowing features such as spa and lounge barbeque with retractable roof. A jacuzzi style pool water is inserted in the living room with a transparent top cover. In addition there is a swing chair hanging like a perfect place to relax. Barbeque grill set with informal dining area. The roof above the spa and barbeque are withdrawn. This can slide open with a view to the sky above. This apartment also has a balcony to be used as sunbathing.

designed by adding a spa BBQ in the living room is very rarely found on other houses. neutral color modern sofa, leather ottoman, center table and a beautiful turquoise carpet with floral prints. The other end of the BBQ lounge contains a formal dining room with a marble table top and the candle looks funky. Living area of ??the white walls are decorated with contemporary art wall that reflects the joy of young owners. Other accessories include vases with stylish designs, plant pots, lamp shades and rugs beautifully designed from a variety of forms. A sleek and stylish floating staircase in the living room leads into the bedroom and home office. by providing more storage space make the residents of the house to do his job with ease and will look neat.

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