Modern sofas minimalist

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how do you think, do you ever membayankan couch that is in your house like this. This is a really cool design, modern, luxurious, the elite. white color is the theme of this sofa. when viewed in its structure, this sofa is a bus-shaped beam that sibungkus with white cloth, but by the designer incorporate them into something very interesting.

Sofa using shades of color by combining brown and white colors of this very feature a very modern impression. This is evidenced from his couch in a very unique shape but thick with modern elements. and backed by the table a very unique, very into white bumps in the design this time. models are usually carpeted floor tetyapi this one uses a floating style, this was a very brilliant idea adaalah yasng done by the designer.

This is a very classic design and unique, but by adding style to use a pillow that is usually used by modern style, this makes this couch has a very distinctive characteristics.

almost the same as above, only this one does not use a pillow and the motive is much different. so this is a very classic style pure.

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