Private karaoke rooms

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whether your karaoke hobby, your hobby or watching dvd. then place it compulsory for you personally in your home. This design is very, interesting and very modern. cabinets that combine highly integrated view of red wall color is very natural. and table jusa use red with an ornament of the existing accessory thereon. really made ??the atmosphere a traditional semi karna use with accessories made ??from the traditional well. LCD screen size of 29 inc. then your personal space will become more interesting and certainly very suitable for you who like karaoke or watching a dvd with your family or with your colleagues who come to your home.

personal space is more to this one pibadi karaoke room because the space is very closed. concept combines the closet with a desk and shelves to store books or your goods. view a very soft color is perfect for you who like softness. space that is suitable for you and your partner because the atmosphere is very romantic. This design was very popular among wealthy people because thick with modern elements.

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