Romantic Mansion Interior and Beautiful Feature Comfort by Thomas Chan

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A romantic interior and comfort features beautifully by Thomas Chan, the house is designed for graduates in Guangzhou, China. The goal is to create functional spaces when used on a regular basis and at the same time luxurious and exclusive. Problem of the color choices are very hot with many shades of gold. In addition many lights hidden in the atmosphere in the afternoon or evening is very dramatic.

with a three-story house with a basement floor that has a lane swimming pool, sauna, yoga, green golf practice area, table tennis, gymnastics, suites and a complete theater work. The ground floor includes living room and dining room, lounge and meeting room, kitchen and car garage. Master suite and study are located on higher floors in the most private areas. The roof has a pool table / cigar room, wine room, tea room and a large terrace with stunning panoramic views. Let us examine the interior of the house of romance and comfort features beautiful with Thomas Chan picture below.

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