The Ultimate Home Design for 2015

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Home Design 2015

Have you been wondering what the home design trend for 2015 is going to be? Is the trend going futuristic, traditional and contemporary or a mix of all? Read on and discover the ultimate home design for 2015!

The first thing we notice in the home design of 2015 is very bright colors, so it does seem like the futuristic designs are winning this year. Bright yellow, neon pink and aquamarine blue, nothing seems too extreme for next year’s home design.

Even though futuristic colors are trendy next year, it seems like leather will be in the past. There is a definite comeback of the good old-fashioned fabric sofa’s and living room chairs, however, they are combined with more original and modern colors.

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Fabrics are not the only thing coming back, because patterns are back to. Floral patterns seem to be extremely popular, but the majority of them are also incorporated with a bright color. The only traditional color we could find for the coming year is various shades of Greek Blue. This is hardly a surprise, since the color seems to be extremely popular for many households already. Greek Blue gives home designers the opportunity to give their home a modern touch, without using a color that is simply too bright for their taste.

The following trend for home design in 2015 will definitely be appreciated by the traditional lovers amongst us. Pillows are the ideal attribute for your living room as well for your bedroom and the colors for next spring certainly add to the more traditional rooms. You will find a variety of brown and earthen colors, incorporated with a fantasy design. This should keep things interested for modern lovers as well, because you can expect some truly amazing designs.

Even though spring is trademarked with the earthen colors, it seems to go the same way for autumn, because many interior designers have been concentrating on ocean blue and moss green. Not many people can appreciate the beauty of green, but it looks like that is about the change in 2015. There are so many options for your living room, bedroom and even bathroom!

Girls and women who absolutely adore pink have nothing to fear this year, because purple tints and pink are also very present in the home design for 2015. Pink colors are a little harder to incorporate in the traditional design and for that reason you usually only find it in accents, however, pink and purple are very present as actual wall colors in the coming season. This should certainly be a big positive for all those feminine color lover!

If you have not found anything interesting in the designs for the coming year, do not despair just that. 2015 will come with an array of colors and designs unlike we have ever seen before. Many manufacturers aim to cater the individual, so you won’t have much problem finding something that is truly unique and fits your personal style.

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